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Article from: "Chiropractic Achievers" Journal (1989)

Pick any hour of the day and Dr. Keith Jeffers will either be running, doing volunteer work or treating patients. Wasting time doesn't appear on his busy schedule, and neither does losing sight of his goals.

Dr. Jeffers The San Diego DC is one of the country's best over-40 runners in addition to being a leading expert in sports chiropractic. He writes a column on his specialty and races regularly. In this year's International Masters Track & Field Championships, Dr. Jeffers had the best 10-kilometer (6.2 mile) time among the competitors. In another specialty, the steeplechase, he also placed high. Running and competing come naturally to the wiry practitioner, as does chiropractic.

Dr. Jeffers says he's been involved in sports since he was four; he's been running since junior high. A lower-back injury when he was 12 sent him to a chiropractor whose skills kept him on track. While attending junior college in 1968, Dr. Jeffers set the national 10K record with a 33:09 time, beating the old record by two minutes. He is perhaps his own best testimonial for chiropractic: twice-weekly adjustments keep him running without pause.

"For the past three Olympics, there have been chiropractors attending and treating athletes," says Dr. Jeffers. "The numbers bear out that we're the best trained doctors to treat athletes and that athletes prefer us to other doctors. Most of what are called 'overuse injuries' are actually caused by poor body mechanics that we can correct."

Steve Scott, holder of the American mile record, agrees. He and two other 1988 Olympians entrust their finely tuned bodies to Dr. Jeffers. When Steve Scott had a pinched nerve in his neck, he sought out Dr. Jeffers for treatment. "These elite athletes tend to have the same problems that all my other patients do, but they know enough to see that chiropractic really is the best way to correct their problems," says Dr. Jeffers.

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"I wouldn't have made the U.S. 1988 Olympic Team without your help!"
Steve Scott
American Mile Record 3:47:69

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