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Common Types of Running Injuries - Symptoms of Running Injuries

Runners Knee Injuries

Running Injuries - Runners Knee Running Injury  
Runners Knee
Usual symptoms of this running injury include pain directly under the kneecap, or the surrounding area. Climbing or descending stairs may cause knee pain. Usually the runners knee - running injury responds well with biomechanical evaluation and an orthotic, when indicated.
Heel Pain / Arch Pain
Running Injuries - Heel and Arch Pain  
Heel Pain - Arch Pain - Plantar Fasciitis
Common type of running injury - varies from a slight tightness in the bottom of the foot to an intense heel pain that may worsen when getting out of bed in the morning and the pain may lessen after a few steps. The pain is often reproduced if the toes are dorsiflexed (pulled up). An X-ray will sometimes reveal the running injury, known as plantar fasciitis, as a "heel spur" on the bottom of the heel. This is usually due to an overpronation problem that will respond well to the use of a runners orthotic. (Orthotics can be used to prevent a large number of running injuries.)

With plantar fasciitis, the pain is more severe when running on the balls of the feet. If pain is more intense on heel contact, a condition called Heel Spur Syndrome could be present. Heel Spurs result from excessive ossification (bone formation) due to the constant pulling of the fascia at the point where the fascia inserts on the bottom of the heel, and can be extremely painful. More on heel pain >>>
Heel ligament
Runners Ilio-Tibial Band Syndrome   Ilio-Tibial Band Syndrome
These running injuries can manifest themselves anywhere along the entire length of this highly fibrous connective tissue. Running from along the hip to the knee. At its worst, pain can be very intense at either the outside of the hip to the outside of the knee. A complete biomechanical evaluation, foot to hip, is needed to diagnose the problem and prevent further running injuries. Stretching can aggravate running injuries of this type.

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  • Avoiding Running Injury

    Softer Surfaces
    Try running on a softer surface. The less compressed the surface, the softer. Stay away from concrete, look for asphalt or even better, run on packed dirt or grass to avoid running injuries.

    How to avoid plantar fasciitis - one of the most important elements is maintaining a healthy weight so that tension on the plantar fascia is reduced.

    Also, your shoes need to fit well and with ample cushioning and support for the heel, arch, and ball of the foot -- distributing weight evenly throughout the foot.

    Another tip for plantar fasciitis - avoid walking barefoot on hard surfaces and do not wear heavily worn out shoes - especially shoes used for running or exercising.

    Always start off slowly and ease into new routines in order to prevent sudden or excessive stress on tissue.

    Warm up and stretch -- the greater the flexibility - the less your tissue is susceptible to damage.

    Return to Training
    Post-Running Injury - before returning to road running, to prevent re-injury you can ease into training with water running, cycling, or a running on a treadmill.

    Straighter Paths
    Avoid tight turns - look for slow curves and straight paths. Running on an indoor track is the worst. Its combination of a hard surface and tight turns makes the indoor track especially stressful on the shin.
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    Chiro Facts

    - Overuse injury is the most common type of running injury.
    - The Running injury is often due to inadequate warm-ups, training errors, running style, footwear or environmental conditions.

    - Approximately 75% of running injuries happen from the knee downwards.
    - Knees are the most common body part to suffer injury accounting for 25% of running injuries.

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