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LiteCure Laser Therapy

Advanced Pain Relief

LiteCure deep tissue laser therapy is the non-surgical option that truly has the power to eliminate or significantly reduce your pain. Five to ten brief treatments with this powerful laser is all it takes to realize life changing results.

The LCT-1000 works by flooding the tissues with photons, energizing the damaged cells and increasing circulation to the painful area. This produces a cascade of healing responses in your body, reducing inflammation, thereby reducing or even eliminating your pain. LiteCure Laser Treatment

Treatments take just a few minutes, however the therapeutic effect continues to soothe and heal long after you leave the office.

There is no discomfort during treatment, simply a deep, gentle warmth as your body's cells respond to the light. There are no known side effects, it is a non-invasive therapy with long lasting results.

LiteCure Deep Tissue Laser Therapy can dramatically reduce the pain associated with the following:
  • Low Back Strain
  • Bulging, Fused or Slipped Discs
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow)
  • Temporomandibular Joint Disorder
  • Arthritic Conditions
  • Post Surgical Recovery
  • Headaches, including Migraine
  • Sports Injuries (Pulled Hamstrings, Calves Etc.)
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • And many more joint, muscle, circulatory and inflammatory conditions

    Class IV vs. Class III Lasers

    Many cold lasers on the market at the moment are Class III. Meaning, they only put out less than 500 milliwatts of energy. The LiteCure Class IV cold laser puts out up to 10,000 milliwatts of power - penetrating deeper than other lasers to repair tissue faster.

    Patients and Doctors Feel the Results

    Pain results from trauma, inflammation, malfunction, or less that optimal cellular function. Healing and pain relief come with cellular normalization. Laser light enables cells to perform optimally by stimulating them, initiating bio-chemical reactions, which promotes healing.

    With the LCT-1000, patients see quicker results, faster treatments and improved outcomes. Practices benefit from increased patient satisfaction, shortened treatment times and positive clinical outcomes allowing retention of existing patients and attracting new ones.

    LiteCure Laser Deep Tissue Therapy Laser Massage

    Technologically Advanced Bodywork

    Delivering 10 watts of soothing laser light through a unique, optically correct, quartz ball. The, class IV, Laser-Massage from LiteCure, LLC brings a whole new level of pain relief and muscle relaxation to the massage professional.

    Rapidly reducing pain, swelling and redness, the Laser Massage enhances many aesthetic procedures. Patients appreciate the reduced discomfort and better outcomes that result from integrating laser massage into Mesotherapy, facial injections and other popular procedures. Muscles relax, spasm disappears and the cascade of beneficial response carries on for up to 24 hours following treatment.

    Our practice is among the first in the San Diego to invest in the LCT-1000 Deep Tissue Therapy Laser from LiteCure.

    Deep tissue laser therapy Drug free pain relief is the goal for most of us.

    Now we can offer you a non-surgical option that truly has the power to eliminate or significantly reduce your pain.

    Five to ten brief treatments with this powerful laser is all it takes to realize life-changing results.

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    "Thank you Dr. Jeffers. The pain and stiffness was FINALLY cleared up by you! My energy level is coming back and I can't thank you enough."
    Megan D.

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    "I wouldn't have made the U.S. 1988 Olympic Team without your help!"
    Steve Scott
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    Chiro Facts
    Sports medicine specialists dealing with symptoms of shin splints are starting to use the new terminology of medial and lateral tibial stress syndrome rather than "shin splints."

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