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San Diego Spinal Decompression

You Are a Candidate for Spinal Decompression
If You Suffer From Chronic Back Pain, Low Back Pain or Neck Pain

Spinal Decompression is Used in the Treatment of Back Pain, Neck Pain, Lower Back Pain and Sciatica caused by:
  • Bulging and/or Herniated Discs
  • Arthritis
  • Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Tingling and/or Numbness or pain in your upper or lower body (neck, shoulders, shoulder-blades, ribs, hips, thighs, legs)
  • Facet Syndrome
  • Even Failed Back Surgery
Decompression is used for all of the issues listed above and is a more holistic and natural approach to healing that helps the body repair itself without surgery, injections or drugs.

Even post-surgical patients and individuals who suffer from certain types of stenosis (spinal canal narrowing) have reported significant pain relief from spinal decompression treatments.

Spinal Decompression truly decompresses the back as it slowly and gently lengthens the spine and creates negative pressure between the discs. This increase of space between discs creates an intradiscal vacuum that relieves pressure on pinched nerves and allows bulging discs to re-align and pull extruded disc material back into correct placement.

The DRX9000, Spinal Decompression machine, uses the method of gently applying a series of slow pulls, holds, and releases on the resting patient. The smooth transitions between therapy phases is often so relaxing that many people often fall asleep during treatment.

Relaxing treatment Over a series of treatment sessions in Dr. Jeffers quiet San Diego office, patients report experiencing pain reduction and healing. A large number of patients note an improvement in symptoms within the first few treatments and even post-surgical patients have reported significant pain relief.

Feel free visit Dr. Jeffers office, examine his quiet and relaxing DRX treatment room and read the notebook of letters and testimonials from thankful patients.

In San Diego (and Southern California), Dr. Jeffers provides safe and effective Spinal Decompression treatment for neck pain, back pain and sciatica pain relief and healing. .

Dr. Jeffers can be contacted for a complimentary Spinal Decompression evaluation at (858) 452-7770.
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" It has been several months since I finished treatment with the DRX9000 and I can truly say that it has changed my life. I can hardly believe that the pain I thought I'd have all my life is actually gone!"
Leah T.

"After trying all of the recommended remedies and seeing doctors who told me I was going to have to live with it or do surgery, I tried my luck with the DRX machine...

I feel great! I did just over 20 treatments, it took less than 2 months and for the last 6 months my back has been a non-issue
Tiffany M.

"After just five treatments...I felt great. After 20 treatments that ended in August 2006, I am still pain free.

The treatments are painless and so effective. I really cannot put a price tag on being without pain ... It's awesome! Thanks Dr. Jeffers!

Jennifer R.

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